Colloque : « Making room for Order, Court Ordinances as a Source for Understanding Space at Early Modern Princely Residences » (Suède, château de Kalmar, 2-3 oct. 2014)

e3afa2dfc5222dc5014936e17822422f14fba8aeMaking Room for Order. Court Ordinances as a Source for Understanding Space at Early Modern Princely Residences

ESF Research Networking Programme PALATIUM

Programme :

Keynote lecture

  • Mark HENGERER (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München):
    Making Room for Order: New Perspectives on the Making of the Early Modern Court

Session I. Space and Function: Norm versus Reality

  • Krista DE JONGE (University of Leuven):
    ‘In the Manner of Burgundy’. Re-examining the Spatial Implications of the Burgundian and Early Habsburg Court Ordinances
  • Orsolya RÉTHELYI (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest):
    From ‘Ordered’ to ‘Unordered’ Household. Mary of Hungary and the Spatial Reconstruction of the Queen’s Court in the Absence of Ordinances
  • William HEPBURN (University of Glasgow):
    The 1508 Bill of Household and the Residences of James IV (1488–1513)

Session II. Court Ordinances: Keepers of Tradition or Motors of Invention?

  • Alexander DENCHER (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne):
    Ordering Change: Court Ordinances as Dynastic Agents in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic
  • Brian WEISER (Metropolitan State University of Denver):
    A Call for Order: Charles II’s Ordinances of the Household
  • José Eloy HORTAL MUÑOZ (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid):
    A Reign Characterized by Reglementation: Etiquettes and Ordinances of Philip IV of Spain (1621–1665)
  • Fabian PERSSON (Linnaeus University):
    The New Order: Creating Space in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Swedish Court Ordinances

Session III. Palace versus Ordinance: Case Studies

  • Nuno SENOS (CHAM, Universidade Nova de Lisboa):
    A Court Ordinance of the Duke of Bragança
  • Martin KRUMMHOLZ (Institute of Art History, ASCR, Prague):
    Liechtenstein Residences: Visions and Reality
  • Bart VAN EEKELEN (Utrecht University):
    The Markiezenhof in Bergen op Zoom and its Lost Court Ordinance: Deducing the Use of Space from Related Ordinances

Session IV. Enforcing Hierarchies

  • Cátia TELES E MARQUES (IHA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa):
    Early Modern Episcopal Palaces and Ecclesiastical Ordinances in Portugal: The ‘Paço’ of the Archbishop of Évora 
  • Marina PORRI (Università di Firenze, Pisa e Siena):
    Court Ordinances and Diplomacy: The Space of Foreign Ambassadors in Sixteenth-Century European Courts
  • Panagiotis DOUDESIS (National Technical University of Athens):
    The Formal and the Informal: The English Sovereigns’ Level of  Spatial Limitation and Freedom at their Public and Private Eating in the Seventeenth Century


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