Veille – Appel à contribution : colloque, « Palaces and Urban Dynamics: Centers of power and knowledge in Europe » (Portugal, Évora, 5-7 nov. 2015)


The European palaces established more than mere residences of monarchs, princes, cardinals, aristocrats and bourgeois. They were centers of power, solid social and political symbols, and also production centers for culture, arts and science. On the other hand, they played a fundamental role by motivating the renovation and expansion of cities. In a broad sense, we can consider the palace as a center that marked not only the inner spaces, but also its surroundings.
Starting from this premise and taking the opportunity of the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the construction of the so called Palácio de D. Manuel in Évora, this is the ideal context for organizing an international conference entitled “Palaces and Urban Dynamics: centers of power and knowledge in Europe.”

Principales thématiques

For this international meeting to be held in Évora, on 5, 6 and 7 November 2015, we have invited experts of a wide range of disciplines that includes the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The areas that will guide the papers to be presented in this multilingual Congress
will be:

1. Palaces and polarization, the renovation and expansion of urban space;
2. The palace in architectural and artistic reading;
3. The palace, institutions and powers;
4. The courts, label and social actors;
5. Palace, culture and knowledge;
6. Palace, tourism and new heritage uses.

Location: Évora, Colégio do Espírito Santo (University of Évora)

Modalités des propositions

Submission of Proposals:

until May 10, 2015

Date for notification of the outcome of submission: June 1, 2015

Send: Communication Title, abstract (700 words), affiliation, academic curriculum (300 words), 5 keywords.

Please send your proposal to:

For additional and more detailed information please consult:

Comité d’organisation

– Ana Cardoso de Matos – University of Évora – CIDEHUS
– António Candeias – University of Évora – Laboratório HERCULES
– Cármen Almeida – Municipality of Évora, IHC_ CEHFCI da UE
– José Mirão – University of Évora – Laboratório HERCULES
– Maria de Fátima Nunes – University of Évora – CEHFCI
– Paulo Simões Rodrigues – University of Évora – CHAIA


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