Colloque : « The Baroque » (Danemark, Frederiksborg, 20-21 mai 2016)

Barok sympos A4_rettet-1 copieIn May 2016 the Audience Hall at Frederiksborg Castle reopens follow- ing four years of restauration and conservation. The Audience hall is a unique baroque interior, representing the style and court culture of the era in a superb manner. Architecture, interior decoration, and art make a perfect scenery to stage the power of the absolute Danish and Norwe- gian Monarch.
On this occasion, the Museum of National History at Frederiksborg Castle and the Agency for Culture and Palaces invite to a seminar to be held at Frederiksborg May 20-21 2016.
Fee: DKK 600 including dinner, lunch, coffee to be paid when signing up. Deadline May 1st: m
Limited availability.
The Seminar is a part of the generous donation from the A.P. Møller Foundation which has made the restauration possible.



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